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Trekking Camps

Enjoy peace and experience nature!

Whether you are hiking the Soonwaldsteig in stages or in search of a nature experience with the whole family - the three new trekking camps in the Soonwald welcome everyone wanting to experience and appreciate nature up close.

These camps were designed in harmony with nature, true to the principle: "Leave nothing behind but your footprints, take nothing with you but lasting impressions." Equipped with only six campsites, a fireplace and an outhouse, they provide all you need for a small adventure.

Being noisy is forbidden - the focus is on relaxation in the peaceful surroundings. There are roads in the vicinity but you cannot reach the camps by car. So, put your rucksack on and start walking.


  • 5 campsites
  • 1 yurt campsite
  • fireplace
  • seating possibilities
  • outhouse

Trekkingcamps am Soonwaldsteig