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Wooden Tower at Salzkopf

5. Stage

Enjoy the views of the Rhine from the Binger forest, part of the Hunsrück mountain range, as well as the hospitality of the old foresters' lodges.

After crossing the River Guldenbach, the Soonwaldsteig trail uses a motorway slip road in the direction of Dichtelbach to get to the Binger forest, the eastern part of the Soonwald region. After the steep ascent to the Emmerich hikers' hut you may need a rest. From the Kandrich, the highest point in the Binger forest, to the neighbouring Ohligsberg peak, the forest clears, revealing lovely views of the Rhine. A newly-built hikers' shelter invites you to stop.

Eventually, you will reach the Lausch hikers' hut and restaurant, located on the small scree slopes of the Eselstein hill, where you can stop for lunch. Afterwards, you can climb the wooden viewing tower on the Salzkopf (628 m), which offers a magnificent panoramic view of the region.

The trail descends into the Rhine Valley via the Morgenbach Valley. The upper part of the valley is still silent and isolated, while you will most likely meet groups of schoolchildren the nearer you get to the 'Jägerhaus' restaurant and guesthouse. The children will be looking for the hidden grotesque faces that an artist has carved in the tree trunks in the 'Steckeschlääferklamm' gorge.