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Soonwald Steig - The sixth stage - from the Jägerhaus to Bingen

The sixth stage - from the Jägerhaus to Bingen

Stage details

Soonwaldsteig The sixth stage  from the Jägerhaus to Bingen

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Distance: 12 km

Localities: Jägerhaus, Morgenbachtal, Burg Reichenstein, Eselssteig, Poßbachtal, Aussichtspunkt Damianskopf, Aussichtspunkt Prinzenblick, Binger Jugendherberge, Bingen

Stage description 

Shortly after passing the inn the Soonwaldsteig trail offers yet another landscape highlight. We are coming into the deeply incised Morgenbach valley with its steep rock formations, often sought out by climbers. The Soonwaldsteig trail is now coming closer to the Rhine valley and for the forest hiker it is an exhilarating experience when suddenly after a bend in the trail the view opens on the wide river down below.

On the Rhine heights above Trechtingshausen, in the Reichenstein Castle, a museum offers a great deal of information on the history of the Soonwald as an important site for ironworks. The trail leads on across the Eselssteig (donkey trail), which is also part of the 'Burgenweg' (castle trail). The rocky outcrops resemble pulpits where hikers can stand and enjoy the Rhine from very unusual perspectives.

Via the Rheinstein Castle hikers reach the 'Schweizer Haus' (Swiss House). Here too there is an amazing view of the Rhine between the Taunus and Hunsrück. Through the narrow v-shaped valley of the Poßbach and past the viewpoint Damianskopf hikers come to the forester's house Heiligkreuz. Here it is well worthwhile again to make a slight detour. Walking along an adventure path a hanging bridge, an exposed Roman estate and a mammoth tree in the forest botanic garden await visitors. Also recommendable is a short trip to the Kreuzbachklamm (gorge), the deeply incised lower course of a stream.

From there continue on to the viewpoint 'Prinzenblick' (prince view). From here you can overlook the Rhine between the Rheingau and the Rochusberg near Bingen. If you look straight down you can see the 'Binger Loch' (Binger hole), a formerly much feared rocky passage in the Rhine. In serpentines the path leads on past the Binger youth hostel down to Bingen. 
There is still enough time to stop at the park near the Mäuseturm (mouse tower) or walk across the Nahebrücke (bridge) to Bingen, to the old part of the city with the Klopp Castle, walk to the Drususbrücke (bridge) or the Rochusberg.

Altitude profile

Soonwaldsteig Etappe 6 - Jägerhaus-Bingen


Tourist-Information-Bingen am Rhein
Rheinkai 21
55411 Bingen am Rhein
Phone: +49 (67219) 184205

Naheland-Touristik GmbH
Bahnhofstraße 37
55606 Kirn
Phone: +49 (6752) 137610
Hunsrück-Touristik GmbH
Gebäude 663
55483 Hahn-Flughafen
Phone: +49 (6543) 507700

Parking areas

  • Forsthaus Jägerhaus
  • State Garden Show grounds (car ferry)

Places to stop for refreshments 

  • Restaurant Gaggianer
    Badergasse 36
    55411 Bingen am Rhein
    Phone: +49 (6721) 714882
    Closed Tuesdays 
  • Hotel Restaurant Rheingau
    Am Rheinkai 8-9
    55411 Bingen
    Phone: +49 (6721) 1749697
    Closed Thursdays 
  • Forsthaus Heiligkreuz
    55411 Bingen am Rhein
    Phone: +49 (6721) 992975
    Closed Mondays 
  • Forsthaus Jägerhaus
    55413 Weiler/Binger Wald
    Phone: +49 (6721) 159241
    Closed Tuesdays 



  • Steckeschlääferklamm (gorge)
  • Adventure trail Binger forest  
  • Mammoth tree in forest botanical garden  
  • Kreuzbach gorge   
  • Exposed Roman estate   
  • Reichenstein Castle
  • Rheinstein Castle
  • Klopp Castle
  • Mäuseturm (mouse tower)
  • Drususbrücke
  • Rochusberg