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Soonwald Steig - The fifth stage - from the Rheinböllerhütte to the Jägerhaus

The fifth stage - from the Rheinböllerhütte to the Jägerhaus

Stage details

Soonwaldsteig The fifth stage  from the Rheinböllerhütte to the Jägerhaus

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Distance: 14 km

Localities: Rheinböllerhütte, Binger Wald, Emmerichshütte, Kandrich, Ohligsberg, Lauschhütte, Salzkopfturm, Steckeschlääferklamm, Jägerhaus

Stage description 

From the Rheinböllerhütte hikers pass under the Autobahn A61 and reach the third part of the Soonwald forest, the Binger forest. Here the connoisseur hiker is pampered with excellent cuisine in old foresters' houses and grand views of the Rhine Valley.

The next station of the trail is the 'Emmerichshütte' an inn with typical regional specialties. While in terms of gastronomy the Soonwald forest is - with the exception of a few insider tips - still dozing like sleeping beauty, the Binger forest with its vicinity to the Rhine valley, harbours a solid tradition in hiking tourism demonstrated by numerous gastronomy operations right in the middle of the forest. Most of them, like the 'Emmerichshütte' are former forester houses. 

From here, the trail rises to the Kandrich heights where a windpark with several large wind power stations awaits. Shortly thereafter hikers reach the Ohligsberg from where, for the first time, there is a wonderful view of the Rhine. A newly built hut invites hikers to stop and take a short break. Not far from Ohligsberg the Soonwaldsteig trail meets the Rheinhöhenweg trail, which runs along the left side of the Rhine.

The next destination is the 'Lauschhütte', also a rebuilt forester's house with excellent cuisine and a range of recreation offers. There is a high-ropes course for children and youths and an artificial ice rink for the winter season. Approximately 600 m southwest of the 'Lauschhütte' are the foundation walls of a building excavated in 1987. It was probably the annex of an agricultural/forestry facility. The broken fragments of a pot and a denarius of the emperor Severus Alexander indicate that the building was probably used during the 2nd and 3rd century A.D..

The next attraction is the lookout tower on the Salzkopf; it offers a grand panorama view. Thereafter the trail leads downwards into the headwater area of the Morgenbach and on to the 'Jägerhaus' inn; here too hikers will find excellent cuisine. In this area, in the nearby 'Steckeschlääferklamm', you may also run into groups of children searching for hidden faces and grimaces carved into the tree trunks by an artist.

Altitude profile

Soonwaldsteig Etappe 5 - Rheinböllerhütte-Jägerhaus


Tourist-Information Rheinböllen
Am Markt 1
55494 Rheinböllen
Phone: +49 (6764) 3951
Tourist-Information-Bingen am Rhein
Rheinkai 21
55411 Bingen am Rhein
Phone: +49 (6721) 184205
Bahnhofstraße 37
55606 Kirn
Phone: +49 (6752) 137610
Hunsrück-Touristik GmbH
Gebäude 663
55483 Hahn-Flughafen
Phone: +49 (6543) 507700

Parking areas

  • Autohof Rheinböllen (truckstop)
  • Forsthaus Jägerhaus

Places to stop for refreshments 

  • Landhaus Rheinboellen
    Am Alten Bahnhof 1-3
    55494 Rheinböllen
    Phone: +49 (6764) 9000
  • Hotel Berz Gaststube
    Marktstraße 16a
    55494 Rheinböllen
    Phone: +49 (6764) 92290
  • Forsthaus Emmerichshütte
    55492 Daxweiler
    Phone: +49 (6764) 1278
    Closed Tuesdays 
  • Forsthaus Lauschhütte
    55442 Daxweiler/Binger Wald
    Phone: +49 (6724) 6038012
    Closed Mondays 
  • Forsthaus Jägerhaus
    55413 Weiler/Binger Wald
    Phone: +49 (6721) 159241
    Closed Tuesdays 



  • Viewpoint Ohligsberg (609 m) (Rhine view)
  • Lookout tower Salzkopf (628 m)
  • Scree slope at the Eselstein
  • Morgenbach valley
  • Nature monument Kaiserkranz.