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Soonwald Steig - The fourth stage - from Ellerspring to the Rheinböllerhütte

The fourth stage - from Ellerspring to the Rheinböllerhütte

Stage details

Soonwaldsteig The fourth stage  from Ellerspring to the Rheinböllerhütte

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Distance: 15 km

Localities: Ellerspring, Glashütter Wiesen, Naturschutzgebiet Schwabbelbruch, Schanzerkopf, Hochsteinchen, Rheinböllerhütte

Stage description 

The fourth stage begins with a gentle climb to the Ellerspringkopf height. At 657 metres, it is the highest mountain in the Soonwald forest. This was the former hunting grounds of the 'Hunter from Kurpfalz' and the area became quite famous in the 50's and 60's when diplomats from the German government in Bonn hunted here. The Large Soon, rich in game, is still an attractive hunting ground, mostly for deer. Attentive and mindful hikers have a good chance of observing animals in the wild such as deer, foxes or even wild boars.

The descent from the Ellerspringkopf leads to the headwater area of two streams, the Gräfenbach and the Lametbach. The two waters separate here, the Gräfenbach flows south towards the Nahe valley and the Lametbach northwest towards the Hunsrück. The trail leads along the Gräfenbach to the 'Glashütter Wiesen', a large open area in the forest surround by fantastic old oaks. These types of forest glades are typical for the Soonwald forest. They are relics from the days of pasture woodlands when cattle were driven into the forest and of the early industrial usage of the Soonwald by charcoal burners and steelworks.

In former times there was a glassworks on the 'Glashütter Wiesen', which was supplied with potash by the Soonwald forest charcoal burners. The old settlements in the forest and the smelters are now deserted. What remains are enchanting meadows, decorated by orchids blooming in June and wild animals grazing undisturbed. Not far from here in the south is the 'Gräfenbacher Hütte', the remains of an old furnace where ore from the Hunsrück was smelted.

From there the trail continues past the nature reserve Schwabbelbruch back up to the Wanderparkplatz by the L 242 and on to the Schanzerkopf height, where skiing and tobogganing are possible in winter. The downhill trail then leads through a natural deciduous forest with old beech stands and their saplings.

Thereafter hikers cross over the L 239 and continue almost without stopping over the northern Soonwald crest to the Hochsteinchen, where there is an iron lookout tower to climb. From here, one can look to the northeast across the part of the Hunsrück that drops towards the Rhine. In the east, you can see the ridges of the Taunus Mountains. After a steep descent, hikers reach the 'Rheinböller Hütte' and the Guldenbach valley, the third Soonwald transverse valley.

Altitude profile

Soonwaldsteig Etappe 4 - Ellerspring-Rheinböllerhütte


Am Markt 1
55494 Rheinböllen
Phone: +49 (6764) 3951

Bahnhofstraße 37
55606 Kirn
Phone: +49 (6752) 137610
Hunsrück-Touristik GmbH
Gebäude 663
55483 Hahn-Flughafen
Phone: +49 (6543) 507700

Parking areas

  • Wanderparkplatz Ellerspring
  • Autohof Rheinböllen (truckstop)

Places to stop for refreshments 

  • Café & Restaurant Malepartus
    Lärchenpfad 1
    55595 Winterbach-Kreershäuschen
    Phone: +49 (6756) 219
    Closed Mondays 
  • Tiefenbacher Hof
    Hauptstraße 14
    55471 Tiefenbach
    Phone: +49 (6761) 2759
    Closed Mondays  
  • Landhaus Rheinboellen
    Am Alten Bahnhof 1-3
    55494 Rheinböllen
    Phone: +49 (6764) 9000
  • Hotel Berz Gaststube
    Marktstraße 16a
    55494 Rheinböllen
    Phone: +49 (6764) 92290,



  • Nature reserve Glashütter Wiesen
  • Wetland Schwappelbruch
  • Viewpoint Schanzerkopf (643 m)
  • Natural forest reserve Katzenkopf
  • Lookout tower Hochsteinchen (648 m)